Quarterly Auction of Low-Value Surplus Property

The Stewart County Commission will hold quarterly auctions of low-value surplus property. These auctions will take place at 2 pm on the third Friday of January, April, July, and October.

There is no anticipation that there will be items for auction every quarter. The Commission will post descriptions and auction terms and conditions of any available items for auction on the county’s website www.stewartcountyga.gov by the first Friday of every auction month no later than noon. That is, if there are no items posted two weeks ahead of a scheduled auction, then there will be no auction held for that quarter.

Auction Procedure.

When there are items for auction, they will be posted on the website and on the Commission’s bulletin board in the courthouse no later than noon on the first Friday of January, April, July, and October.

Individuals may inspect the items by appointment between 8 am and 3 pm Monday through Friday (except holidays) at the County Road Department Shop, 916 Camp Road, Lumpkin, Georgia 31815. Call 229/838-6769 for an appointment, or email info@stewartcountyga.gov . Allow sufficient time for an inspection before an auction.

Sealed bids should be submitted to the Stewart County Commission Office at 1764 Broad Street, PO Box 157, Lumpkin, Georgia 31815 BEFORE the appointed time (2pm) for the auction. Late bids will necessarily be rejected. The public is invited to attend the opening of bids, which will take place in the Grand Jury Room of the county courthouse.

Example Auction

Suppose there will be an auction in a given July and that the third Friday is July 15.

The items will be posted on the county website www.stewartcountyga.gov by July 1. Scheduled inspections will be offered 8 am to 3pm between July 5-8 (Monday, July 4 is a holiday) as well as those times July 11-14. On auction day, July 15, inspections can be made by appointment 8 am to noon. Sealed bids must be submitted to the Commission upstairs in the courthouse BEFORE 2 pm.

For More Information.

Call 229/838-6769 or email info@stewartcountyga.gov  or view here on the website