Stewart County Commissioners

The Stewart County Commission’s mission is depicted in the pediments above the north and south entrances to the county courthouse. If you look upwards from the sidewalk, you will see two colorful cornucopias---horns-of-plenty on either side of a laurel wreath.

Horns-of-plenty are the traditional symbols of prosperity, while the laurel is a symbol of honor and harmony. These symbols represent the Stewart County Commission’s desire to bring prosperity to its citizens by promoting commerce here for the benefit of all. Please contact the Commission if you want to open or expand a business in Stewart County!

The Stewart County Commission also provides various services to its citizens. These include funding and housing the offices and operations of the county’s elected officials; and of the boards of registrars and of assessors; managing and administering the county budget and financial records; providing emergency medical services; caring for the county’s roads; providing a local director for emergency management; housing the Cooperative Extension, the health department, the mental retardation center, the senior center, and the neighborhood services center; and providing appointees to the boards of libraries, health, family and children services, the behavioral and developmental disabilities board, the planning and zoning commission, the development authorities, the community action agency, and the regional development center.

The Stewart County Commission strives to bring health, safety, education, security, and sanitation to its citizens by promoting commerce, tourism, economic development, science, education, recreation, the arts the humanities, and historic preservation.

The Commissioners encourage you to call 229-838-6769 if you have questions.


Tyrone Nelson
District 1

Joseph B. Williams
District 2 (Chair)

Tom Mayo
District 3

Joe Lee Williams
District 4

Arcola Scott
District 5 (Vice-Chair)